About Us

Rachel Pregnancy Center has been serving "teens in crisis pregnancies" since 1993. In 1998 the Center expanded to include anyone needing help with pregnancy related concerns and/or finding themselves in a difficult circumstance with their children. All services are free, non-judgemental, and confidential.

As a pro-life ministry, Rachel Pregnancy Center does not lure, deprive, or use fear tactics with anyone. Complete and accurate information of all options are shared. If someone should choose an abortion, the Center will always be available for future needs. Rachel Pregnancy Center promotes abstinence until marriage.

Peer counseling and classes are offered that will equip the clients with life skills necessary for parenting and maintaining healthy relationships. A library of books and videos on related subjects is available. In addition, brochures are handed out and referrals are given. Special needs are considered on an individual basis.

The Gospel is shared from a Christian perspective, however, religious preferences are always respected. Bible studies and prayer are available.

Rachel Preganancy Center is a Christian, non-profit, non-denominational, organization dedicated to meeting the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of each indivical.